RHC Connections with Landlords

RHC outreach to local landlords increases housing options in rural North Central PA

Developing the trust of landlords is an important way RHC’s increase housing options for many low income people with disabilities. The RHCs have a unique opportunity to dispel many of the misconceptions that landlords may have about renting to older adults and people with disabilities, thereby reducing the landlord’s anxiety around home modifications, reasonable accommodations, and housing choice vouchers.

Region 2 RHC, Amy Auman, through patience and persistence, has become an integral part of the landlord group in north central PA.  From initially volunteering as the secretary for the group, Amy now serves on the board of the North Central Landlord Association. The association’s president, Brad Hauber, has said that “through Amy’s efforts, the group has a better understanding of the needs of older adults, people with disabilities, and social service systems.”

Amy’s technical assistance has resulted in some very positive outcomes, including a 50% increase in the acceptance of housing vouchers by landlords in Elk County. In this very rural part of PA, evictions have been prevented, homes have been made accessible, and homeless families have been housed with the assistance provided by the RHC.

If you are a landlord and want to learn more about the needs of people with disabilities in your community contact your RHC.  They would be happy to answer your questions and assist you.