Congratulations to Retiring RHC, Jim Meehan!

After a long career of service, Jim Meehan has announced his retirement.

His approaching retirement was recently celebrated  with SDHP staff and guests at a luncheon.  Jim was honored for his work and accomplishments as an RHC serving eight Northern Pennsylvania counties.  Jim shared with the group that deciding to retire was a very difficult decision to make.  He said his positive relationships with everyone at SDHP and his work as an RHC made it difficult to leave.  Among his accomplishments, Jim said his work surrounding the Marcellus Shale housing crisis was something he is most proud of.  Gail Hoffmann, Executive Director of SDHP, said she always appreciated Jim’s professionalism and gestures of support.

Travel, spending more time with his grandchildren, and enjoying the outdoors were all things Jim looks forward to enjoying in his retirement.  Jim will be missed by the staff at SDHP and those he worked with in his region.

photo 1: Gail Hoffmann, Jim Meehan, Mary Penny and Celia Jenkins

photo 2: Jim and Ann Meehan

photo credit, Jeff Fields