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How To Help SDHP

SDHP and our affiliates have both one-time and ongoing needs that you, your employer, or your company may be able to assist with. We welcome offers of volunteerism. You can read about the different ways that others help SDHP on this web page. If you have a creative idea about how you could support SDHP, email or give us a call to discuss ways in which you can be more involved in SDHP!

Financial Support

Cash contributions

Cash contributions are critical to SDHP because they help support important activities that are not funded by government grants. General operational expenses, like rent and utilities, supplies, and special training events may not be covered by government grants, but are necessary in order to do the important work of promoting and ensuring self-determination. SDHP is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax deductible. Please support SDHP with a gift today.


Bequests are a key element in providing stability for the future of SDHP. You should consult your attorney on the selection of appropriate wording to reflect your goals and intentions regarding bequest to SDHP, Inc.

  • A general bequest is a gift payable out of the general assets of your estate: “I give to SDHP located in Downingtown, Pa to an amount equal to five percent (5%) of my adjusted gross estate.
  • A specific bequest is a gift of a specific dollar amount or a particular asset: “I give  SDHP located in Downingtown, Pa. #shares of XYZ stock.”
  • A residuary bequest is a gift of the rest of your estate remaining after all debts, taxes, expenses, and other bequests have been paid: I give SDHP located in Downingtown, Pa the rest, residue and remainder of my estate.
  • A contingent bequest takes effect only upon the occurrence or non-occurrence of a particular event: “In the event my wife does not survive me, I give the sum of $__________ to SDHP located in Downingtown , Pa.”

We invite you or your attorney to confidentially discuss your wishes with us. By informing SDHP of your gift, you help us plan for the future. You also give us a chance to thank you. If you name SDHP in your will, we would appreciate if you would send a copy of that portion of the will pertaining to SDHP to:

SDHP, 717 East Lancaster Ave  Downingtown, PA.  19335

For further information or if you or your attorney have questions about proper designation of your bequest, please call Gail Hoffmann at 610-873-9595.


Sponsorship is an excellent way for companies to support SDHP’s work. SDHP facilitates numerous training events, meetings, and conferences across the state. Businesses and individuals can sponsor these events through in-kind support and cash contributions for the event. In return, SDHP helps promote our sponsors by recognizing them in various ways at events.

In-Kind Support

In-Kind support is another way that people and companies can help promote and support the work of SDHP, by donating  a tangible item or service that can be used by the organization. Usually, these are items that would otherwise have to be purchased. When people and companies can provide these items as a contribution, it helps SDHP defray operational costs. In-kind contributions include: the cost of office space, copy machines, computers, office supplies, printing & copying services, all of which can be contributed whole or in part. In some cases, organizations are given below-cost prices on items and services. The value of these items may be considered tax deductible contributions.


Many talented people support the work of SDHP through a contribution of their time, skill, and talent. As a non-profit organization, SDHP can often use specialized talents, even when the amount of time a person can give is small. Because we’re a state-wide organization, it is not necessary to live near our offices to help! We can work together in a variety of ways; through the internet, conference calls, or through a local affiliate agency. We need your talents – contact us and let’s talk about your interests.

As a non-profit organization, SDHP, Inc. is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Our Board membership is made up of talented and caring individuals who come from different areas of the state and have diverse professional and personal experience. Being a Board member is a significant commitment of time and personal investment, but one that comes with equally significant rewards. From time to time, we do have vacancies on the Board, and we accept nominations at any time. If you think you might be interested in participating in the work of SDHP at this level, contact Gail Hoffmann our Executive Director to talk about your interest.

For more information about supporting SDHP, call us at 610-873-9595 or send an e-mail to