NHT Collaborative Partners

RHC’s Establish NHT Collaborative Partner Meetings for Nursing Home Transition Coordinators

In 2010, former Region 9 RHC, Arlette Wright, began hosting a collaborative meeting for the NHT coordinators in her region as a way to share ideas and provide training and program updates for them. This was the beginning of a now far-reaching RHC initiative to bring NHT Coordinators and community partners together on a regular basis to further the common goal of removing barriers to successful transitions.

NHT Collaborative Partner meetings vary by region and the needs of the participants. Angela Smoyer, the current Region 9 RHC, has enhanced the meetings Arlette began by discussing specific NHT housing scenarios. The coordinators bring to the meetings their tough cases, questions, and seemingly ‘dead-end’ housing situations. These specific scenarios are discussed, solutions and strategies are offered, and coordinators learn from each other’s challenges and successes. At the NHT Collaborative Partners meetings in Region 5, RHC Ashley Mancine helped NHT partners work together more efficiently by holding a ‘speed dating’ type of exercise to introduce staff from neighboring counties to each other and encourage collaboration. At the Philadelphia area meeting, the Region 9 and 10 RHC staff learned that NHT coordinators were uncomfortable when negotiating leases with landlords for their consumers, so they contacted an attorney who provided group training on the topic.

NHT collaborative meetings are now established all across the state, and it is an RHC goal to continue to have regular meetings in all eleven regions.   Contact the RHC in your region to learn more about the NHT Collaborative Partners meeting in your area.