What is PREP?

The Prepared Renter Program also known as PREP is a renter education program created by the Self-Determination Housing Project of Pennsylvania (SDHP).  PREP is a complete curriculum that provides all the tools a person needs to obtain rental housing, but further offers instruction on how to avoid pitfalls that could cause someone to be evicted.

Topics covered include

  • Affordability, understanding how much rent you can afford
  • How to deal with a negative past rental, criminal, and/or credit history
  • Locating potential housing
  • Dealing with difficult neighbors
  • How to address problems with your landlord
  • And much more!

How is PREP Provided?

The program is most commonly offered in a train the trainer format. Groups and organizations that are included in the scope of the regional housing coordinator program can work with their local RHC and receive support and technical assistance to establish a program. Please contact your Regional Housing Coordinator for more information.

If you are interested in PREP and are from a system not served by the Regional Housing Coordinator Program or from outside Pennsylvania, SDHP can still assist you with PREP training! SDHP has staff available that can provide technical assistance and training for your group onsite for a very reasonable cost. Please contact Mary Penny for more information at

Is there anyone who can train my clients or consumers?

In many areas of the state there are groups that offer PREP training for individuals, but there is no regular class schedule statewide. You can contact your RHC to ask about existing local programs and possibly consider starting one of your own!